Texas Bottled Wine Shiners For Sale (Unlabeled Wine)

Shiners are a finished, bottled product without a label and are sold by the case. There is no minimum order for shiners but please contact us to learn about the most efficient quantities for shipping or for your particular purchasing situation. Please allow us up to 1 week from the time of payment to have your order prepared for shipment or pickup.

Shiners are available for Basic Permit holders, Wholesalers, and Private Label customers. Pricing listed is for basic permit holders only; other non-bonded buyers will incur an additional fee due to excise taxes, packaging costs, and other additional expenses. Please call for a price quote.

Shiners are sold First Come, First Served. While we may have multiple clients interested in a product, the product is not considered sold until payment is collected. Most blends are easily reproduced and kept in stock, but some vintages or varietals may not be reproduced and once they have been sold, they will no longer be available once payment is made.

TTB requires that label approval be submitted by the bottling facility and we will cooperate with all of our buyers to do so. Label approval is submitted at a rate of $120 per label application. Bottling statements must be compliant by stating the name and location of the bottling facility. More details about labeling and compliance can be found on our Wine Labeling Requirements page.

Compliant bottling statement for our shiners must read:

Bottled by Texas Custom Wine Works in Brownfield, TX
for <Your Trade Name> in <City>, <State> <-- Your bonded location

If you prefer to leave our name off of the label, you can file for a Fictitious Business Name on our bond which costs $160.00 and takes approximately 8 weeks or more depending on processing time frames. Please contact us for more information regarding FBN’s/DBA’s.

We can apply your printed labels for an additional fee and a required minimum purchase of 28 cases.

Don’t see what you like? For a small minimum order of 112 cases, we can build a wine product to your specification with our Custom Wine Production service.


Call or email to request samples from the list of shiners below.



Wine Wine Type Appellation Vintage Price SKU
Sweet Blush Blush / Rose Wine American $78.00/case 180518
White Blend, Semi Sweet, Carbonated Carbonated Wine American $82.00/case 180614
Dry Blush/Rose, Carbonated Carbonated Wine American $82.00/case 180608
Carbonated Dry White Carbonated Wine Texas High Plains $106.00/case 210514
Cranberry Flavored White Wine Other Wine American $82.00/case 210629
Piquette Frizzante Semi Sweet Other Wine American $58.00/case 211203
Watermelon Flavored Other Wine American $82.00/case 210624
Peach Flavored White Wine Other Wine American $85.00/case 220627
Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Red Red Wine American $78.00/case 180515
Merlot, Dry Red Red Wine American $78.00/case 180522
Red Blend, Off Dry Red Wine American $78.00/case 180816
Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Blend Red Wine American $78.00/case 181025
Bourbon Barrel Red Blend Red Wine Texas High Plains $98.00/case 220425
Texas Tuscan, Dry Red Blend Red Wine Texas High Plains $92.00/case 210129
Alicante Bouchet / Tannat Blend - Dry Red Red Wine Texas High Plains $96.00/case 220331
Mourvedre / Tannat Dry Red Blend Red Wine Texas High Plains $98.00/case 220225
Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine Texas High Plains $98.00/case 220518
SWEET RED BLEND Red Wine Texas High Plains $96.00/case 220630
SANGIOVESE Red Wine Texas $98.00/case 220708
Cabernet Sauvignon / Zinfandel blend Red Wine Texas High Plains $98.00/case 220705
Italian Red Blend Red Wine Texas High Plains $98.00/case 220706
Texas Moscato, Sweet White White Wine Texas High Plains $86.00/case 220330
Reserve Dry White Blend, Barrel Aged White Wine Texas High Plains $98.00/case 220713
California Dry White Blend White Wine American $85.00/case 220715