Texas Bulk Wine For Sale

Texas Custom Wine Works offers a variety of bulk wines to bonded wineries only and is sold by the gallon. Purchasing winery must supply the transportation vessel.

Standard Volumes are 55 gallon drums or 275 gallon totes, drums and totes not included. Smaller orders are okay but will incur a small order surcharge per gallon. Minimum orders may apply for some wines. Most red wines are in 60 gallon barrels and require full barrel quantities. Please inquire for volume discounts over 1,000 gallons. 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon IBC totes can be provided for an additional fee, when available.

Bulk wine is a “raw material”; unfiltered wine that can be bottled as-is, or treated with your specific winemaking techniques and style (blending/refining/filtering) to make suitable for your particular market.

Below is a list of the current products we have available for sale. If there is something you are seeking that you don’t see on our list, please contact us so we can try to find a product that fits your needs. 

Please allow us approximately 1 week from the time of payment to have your order prepared for shipment or pickup.

Call or email to request samples from the list of bulk wines below.

Need help with a custom product? For a small minimum order of 112 cases, we can build a wine product to your specification with our Custom Wine Production service.


Bottling the Bulk Wine:

Texas Custom Wine Works ships stabilized bulk wine filtered to 1 micron with 30 to 45 ppm sulfite. The bottling winery bears full responsibility to utilize proper storage and bottling practices.

  • Test and adjust sulfite levels prior to bottling. 30 ppm free S02 minimum
  • If the wine is “sweet”, or any sugar is added to the wine, Potassium Sorbate must be added at 0.2 grams per liter to inhibit re-fermentation in the bottle.
  • Sterilize all bottling equipment, pumps, hoses, and filters.
  • Use only new sterile bottles.
  • During bottling, sterile filter the wine using a cartridge filter, absolute membrane of.45 micron.

Note that failure to follow good industry standard practices as outlined above can result in wine bacterial contamination. Therefore Texas Custom Wine Works bears no responsibility once wine has
been delivered and received by purchaser.



Wine Wine Type Appellation Vintage Price Quantity SKU
Red Blend Red Wine American $18.00/gal 400 Gallons 210611
Sangiovese Rose Blush / Rose Wine Texas $20.00/gal 319 Gallons 210913
Mourvedre Red Wine Texas High Plains $24.00/gal 1,872 Gallons 211008
Counoise Red Wine Texas High Plains $22.00/gal 720 Gallons 211019
NV Tempranillo Red Wine Texas High Plains $30.00/gal 470 Gallons 220519
NV Super Tuscan Red Blend Red Wine Texas High Plains $22.00/gal 1,664 Gallons 225010
2019 Malbec (Lahey Vineyards) Red Wine Texas High Plains $18.00/gal 2,900 Gallons MB0113
2019 Grenache/Mourvedre Rose (Lahey Vineyards) Blush / Rose Wine Texas High Plains $16.00/gal 2,500 Gallons RS0113