TCWW Wine Labeling Requirements

Please carefully read the following information before designing and printing labels for use at Texas Custom Wine Works


Label Design

Suggested Maximum Label Sizes for Pressure Sensitive Labeling.
In general, the smaller the label, the easier the application. Smaller labels almost always perform better.

Label Size:
The label height should be no more than 0.5” less than height of label panel of the bottle. No label should exceed a height of 5.5” for use on our machine.

  • Example: a bottle with a 5 inch tall label panel = 4.5” maximum label height

Max label width should be no more than 37% of the circumference of the bottle.

  • Circumference equals = (diameter x 3.14) x .37 = width of label
  • Sample: 3.25 diameter bottle = 3.25 x pi (3.14) x .37 = 3.77” wide label

For the samples used above, the maximum label dimensions should be 4.5” tall by 3.77” wide. Smaller is fine, but we do not recommend exceeding these formulas for best application results.

Tapered Bottles:
Using a square label on a tapered bottle can cause problems such as “flagging”, bubbling and creasing. For best application performance, we suggest using a tapered label designed to match the bottle. A smaller label and even softer, more forgiving stock are additional options. There are tools available such as an Adobe Illustrator plugin for conical labels or online tapered label template generators to help create the best label for your package.

Label Position:
Labels can be placed in a variety of positions on the bottle. The bottom edge of the label should be a minimum of 19mm above the heel of the bottle. If a preferred label position is not specified, the label will be centered in the panel.



Label Production

Front and Back Label Widths:
When front and back labels are the same width, we ask that they be on the same roll, if possible. Our equipment tends to perform better with single roll application
When front and back labels are different sizes, they must be on separate rolls. Our equipment will not properly dispense the labels from a single roll when they are different widths. See the formulas listed above for help determining maximum label dimensions.

Roll Size:
Most people ask how many labels we need per roll. More importantly, we ask that you make sure the label roll does not exceed 8” diameter. Label quantity per roll will vary depending on label width, just make sure the printer knows not to exceed 8" per troll.

Label Webbing:
Our equipment performs well with both paper and cellophane webbing. We ask that the printer use their suggested options for the label paper stock being used. It is best that the webbing provides contrast from the label for the position sensors to read.

Label Unwind:
Our equipment requires a label unwind position of #4. This is very import and must be stated for use on our labeler.



Labeling Requirements

Mandatory Wine Label Information

What information are my labels required to state? The TTB has provided some helpful tools to assist in your wine label design. Wine Label Samples and what the wine label tells you. See also, the anatomy of a wine label. The following is an explanation of each statement required to appear on most wine labels:

Required information on the brand label:

Required information on any label

See Also, the Mandatory Check List of Requirements or the The Beverage Alcohol Manual (BAM), A Practical Guide



Applying for Label Approval

The TTB approvals you need for your labels and how to obtain them.

TTB requires that label approval be submitted by the bottling facility and we will cooperate with all of our buyers to do so. Label approval is submitted at a rate of $120 per label application. In addition to the requirements listed above, the bottling statements must be compliant by stating the name and location of the bottling facility.

Compliant bottling statement for our shiners must read:

Bottled by Texas Custom Wine Works in Brownfield, TX
for <Your Trade Name> in <City>, <State> <-- Your bonded location

More details about TTB labeling compliance can be found in the TTB FAQ's.