Quality Control

Texas Custom Wine Work Believes in the up most importance in quality control. All wines crafted or bottled at Texas Custom Wine Works are subject to rigorous protocols and standards for quality and safety. Our experienced staff of Quality Control professionals use stringent oversight methods to assure quality, meet our clients’ specifications and comply with all government regulations.

Texas Custom Wine Works is excited to announce Texas Wine Lab. By partnering with Texas Wine Lab, Texas Custom Wine Works now offers, under one roof, a comprehensive wine testing services available in Texas. Complementing Texas Custom Wine Work’s wine making capabilities, Texas Wine Lab has provided our customer’s the assurance that quality product is in their bottle. With Texas Wine Lab and Texas Custom Wine Works, you can focus on promoting and sell your wine instead of spending valuable time grinding through the details.

  • Texas Wine Lab is an independent and full-service laboratory that offers clinical grade testing options for the wine industry. Our results are available quickly with the efficient and versatile analysis of the Gallery Plus Analyzer.
  • Founded in 2013, we offer a full range of services including advice from wine experts with a cumulative thirty years of experience. Texas Wine Lab provides wine analysis to all vineyards and wineries in the southwestern United States and is dedicated to growing the wine industry in Texas.
  • At Texas Wine Lab we pride ourselves in performing testing services at the highest level of quality. We are capable of doing all types of enological analysis from field, to ferment to finished product.


  • Cellar management
  • Wine Aging
  • Bottling & Quality Control
  • Compliance & Export
  • Vineyard management
  • Harvest decisions
  • Fermentation monitoring
  • Consultation