It was back in the Spring of 2005 when I was planting my 100-vine library when I had the first inspiration of one day owning and operating my own winery. Being a part of the booming Texas wine industry was surely a distant dream. Since 2005 I have grown a good size vineyard with approximately 13 acres of Sangiovese, Tempranillo and Viognier. Once my vineyard had matured and had really started producing quality grapes it was time again to really start to think about opening my own winery. After looking at the approximate costs to establish a fully functioning winery it was plain to see that it was not financially feasible. Having several long-term relationships and contacts in the Brownfield area with other growers I was introduced to Texas Custom Wine Works. I traveled to Brownfield and looked at their extensive and impressive operation. I quickly realized that my dream of opening a winery and using grapes from my mature vineyard was attainable. The wine and grape as a whole are very difficult, tedious and long-term process. Texas Custom Wine Works and their highly knowledgeable and motivated staff were an integral part of me opening The 501 Winery in 2014. They were able to help me with everything including vineyard management, establishing a marketing plan designed around my specific winery location and my particular grape varieties. TCWW were very helpful in dealing with both state and federal requirements to own and operate a winery. The most important assistance I received from TCWW was their extensive in making quality wine with my grapes/ This includes the actual quality of the wine as well as creative label designs for each of my wine selections. I would strongly recommend other grape growers to consult with the professionals at TCWW to see what they can offer them. My personal experience has been nothing but excellent.

The 501 Winery

Adam Bishop